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Post In News | May 26, 2017

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TripAdvisor Now Allowed to Book Trips to Cuba

TripAdvisor Now Allowed to Book Trips to Cuba

There’s nothing like a comfy couch to lounge on, and a variety of companies seem to be on the same page about the fact that being able to take a couch on the road sounds like an awesome idea. These inflatable couches fold up small enough to carry along on any trip, and then inflate into a large enough couch to catch a snooze on.

One version of the inflatable couch is the The Lamzac Hangout, which has been sold by Fatboy online for a few years now but recently got a big surge in popularity. The couch folds into it’s own pouch and weighs about the same as a small tent, and then when it’s time to inflate it does so on it’s own in about 30 seconds. (It also deflates just as fast.) When it’s fully inflated the couch is 80 inches long.

A newer startup called Cozy Couch is doing a similar thing but has added a bunch of different print designs to the mix, such as flags, bananas, and the ever popular pizza.

Cozy Couch is launching their Indiegogo campaign Monday October 31 for preorder, and then the couches should be made widely available by December. The prices will range between $59 and $250, depending on whether you’re going for a pre made design or going the custom route.