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Post In News | May 22, 2017

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Google Rolls Out App to Compete With Uber

Google Rolls Out App to Compete With Uber

Fans of roller coasters might be surprised to hear that the rides might be able to help pass kidney stones. Dr. David Wartinger and Dr. Marc Mitchell of Michigan State University headed to Walt Disney World to put their theory to the test.

To test this out, they basically constructed a kidney equipped with stones and then wore it in a backpack on their body. Next they rode Big Thunder Mountain 20 times and noted after each ride how the kidney stones reacted. They found that riding the roller coaster could knock the stones out, with an even higher rate when they were riding in the back. Even the biggest stones seemed to pass after just a few rides. The men presume that they would find similar results on other thrill rides as well, which they are going to be testing next.

A urologist named Dr. Clayton Lau however does not think that the force of the rides would be enough to actually pass the stones, but that the adrenaline in the body might. However it works, if it works, it seems like it might be a lot more fun than patiently sitting around in pain.