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Post In News | May 20, 2017

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Here’s what people have to say about Ivanka and nepotism

April 2, 2017 |

(Web Desk) – United States President, Donald J Trump’s daughter has taken up an unpaid job at the White House sparking a nepotism debate and here are some of the opinions on social media.

Ivanka’s White House job has become … Read More

Goldman Sachs will bring fundamental evil into the White House

February 1, 2017 |

Five years ago Goldman Sachs played the arch-villain of the financial crash, the very essence of a greedy, rapacious bank that profited while ripping off its own customers and the American people. As the vampire squid, it was … Read More

Watch Obama’s moving farewell address: “We are all in this together”

January 28, 2017 |

Continuing a tradition that extends back 220 years, President Barack Obama delivered his farewell address on Tuesday night, telling the country that” change simply happens when ordinary people get involved, and they get involved and they come together … Read More

Hollywood activism: What is it good for?

January 15, 2017 |

Blue nerves melted last Sunday night when Meryl Streep devoted a wry and impassioned speech about the the rich diversity of Hollywood and her perceptions of incoming chairwoman Donald Trump’s less … Read More

Donald Trump cashed in on the right’s Putin man crush- but the yearning for a dictator has was right here for years

January 12, 2017 |

Back in December 2015, when Donald Trump was still considered that year’s GOP gadfly, I wrote a piece for Salonheadlined” Donald Trump’s got Putin fever: The GOP frontrunner is stumping for a Russian strongman .” At the time, … Read More

Democrats initiatives to press Sen. Jeff Sessions during verification hearings

January 12, 2017 |

WASHINGTON — Sen. Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump’s pick for us attorney general, is likely to stress his conservative credentials as his Senate confirmation hearings open Tuesday. He’ll face a bigger task trying to persuade skeptical … Read More

This Week in Donald Trump’s Conflicts of Interest: A golf course in Dubai and so much more!

January 10, 2017 |

This has been an interesting week when it comes to exploring Donald Trump’s multiple conflicts of interest. Let’s dive in!

Donald Trump has a golf course opening in Dubai less than a month after his inauguration

Read More

21 Happenings You Didn’t Know About Donald Trump’s Wife

January 8, 2017 |

This election season has been all about Donald Trump. From sound bites, to news coverage, to repeated fury, he has delivered in more humorous methods than we can count. But one person we’d be remiss to overlook is … Read More